Man Lift for Aircraft Painting | Press Release

Posted: November 10, 2015

LPI, Inc. introduces a new 3-axis man lift system that enhances work safety and ergonomics while increasing productivity. Designed to carry multiple workers, the aluminum platform design incorporates a tip-down front rail that allows workers, while attached to a safety harness, to access irregularly shaped products for sanding, wash and paint processes. The platform is equipped with multiple connection points for process air to run paint systems, breathing air or auxiliary tools and a fluid connection for wash down equipment.

The platform offers some unique features starting with the interlocking safety harness system where the operator must have his or her harness attached to the D-ring in the platform, for the lift to operate. There are also contact bumpers that shut down lift operation if contact is made with the product, to reduce the possibility of damage to the product. Other features include a pendant control box which can be moved about the platform allowing the operator easy control access while working, and movable side guard rails on the tip-down platform section.

This type of lift system can travel sideways along a fixed rail system, extend in and out 14’ and elevate up to 28’ above the floor, allowing operators to position themselves along the entire product and extend out to reach the ends. Pneumatically powered lifts are ideal for industrial processes in sanding, washing, prepping and painting of products ranging from aircraft to steel tanks or any large product that requires workers to access multiple areas during their work cycle. Lift systems can be designed to fit specific product access challenges or to incorporate process equipment.




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