APTA 2023 | Public Transportation Premier Showcase

Posted: January 13, 2023

APTA EXPO is the public transportation industry’s long- standing, premier resource for advancing mobility systems through a robust showcase of the latest-breaking technologies, products, and services. Find the solutions to increase and retain ridership, reinvent the rider experience, infuse technology to enhance convenience, improve security, transition to a more sustainable system, boost system-wide reliability, and beyond.


LPI, Inc. (LPI Lift Systems) is a manufacturer of both standard and custom designed personnel lifts and work platforms. For over 40 years LPI has provided engineering and manufacturing expertise to its customers for processes and applications in hazardous locations, assembly and general industrial areas where elevating personnel or products is needed. LPl's products help to promote a safer, more ergonomic, work environment which enhances worker productivity and helps reduce work-related injuries or accidents.

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