Rail Guided Scissor Lift

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Rail Guided Scissor Lift

Custom scissor lift with multiple side shifting platforms

  • Electrical and electric/hydraulic powered
  • Raised platform height of 15ft.
  • Main platform: 16ft. long x 8ft. wide
  • Main platform can shift to one side and cantilever 5ft. over base
  • Auxiliary roll-out platform:  8ft. long x 3ft. wide
  • Additional roll-out section on one end of main platform extends the side reach an additional 4ft.
  • Combination of decks allows worker to extend out 9ft. from the side of the lift base
  • Platform capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • X-Axis:  2 speed selections with maximum of 40 ft./min.
  • Y-Axis:  Main platform side-shift 10 ft./min.
  • Y-Auxiliary:  Roll-out section 10 ft./min.
  • Z-Axis:  12 ft./min.
Technical Details

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