Why LPI, Inc. Lift Systems?

Plain and Simple, We Care!

With more than 150 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing lift systems and work platforms, our team creates solutions that will serve our customers’ needs now, and for many years to come. A successful design solution considers mechanical design, ergonomics, safety, maintenance, and optimization of process to address present requirements, and anticipates changes in the future. Through the use of a project interview process, we collect and exchange information about your work process and challenges, and any need for integrated equipment. This allows us to create a solution-based design that addresses your needs while considering your budget.

Product Quality

We are proud of the products we manufacture. From start to finish, we utilize high-quality components to provide reliability, dependability, and durability. Many of LPI’s lift systems fabricated in the early 1990s are still in use today, providing service in industrial settings ranging from sandblasting and paint booths to welding and assembly areas. Our products are designed to provide maximum operational time with simple and minimal maintenance, backed by LPI technicians and engineers.

Benefits of LPI Lifts and Work Platforms

Safety, productivity, and profitability have been the driving forces behind the need for lift systems in manufacturing environments. With LPI lifts and work platforms, your company will benefit from these three components, and here’s why.


  • Lift systems minimize repetitive movement reducing strains, fatigue and motion related injuries.
  • Operator is enclosed and can easily reposition around, in and over large products without the need for excessive stretching, reaching or bending.
  • Lifts provide a stable work surface, whereas ladders can teeter or tip, especially when moving or carrying tools.


  • Workers can safely concentrate on their work process rather than focusing on potential injuries.
  • Lifts can eliminate the issues associated with repositioning of paint lines, air lines, and ladders.
  • Fatigue is significantly decreased because workers do not have to climb and move ladders.


  • Lost time injury leave decreases as accidents decline, reducing associated costs.
  • Eliminating non-productive time spent on movement of ladders can significantly increase profitability
  • Employee morale will increase as physical stress and fatigue decrease, helping to retain good employees.

LPI customers count on us, repeatedly, to provide the right solution to their access challenges with standard and custom-designed lifts and platform systems. Our experienced team understands the rigors of industrial processes and is ready for you to challenge us with your application!

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