Custom Lift Systems
and Work Platforms

LPI, Inc. Lift Systems specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of standard and custom industrial personnel lift systems and elevated work platforms. Our advanced lifts are used for a variety of applications and in dozens of major industries. Worker safety is our number one priority on all of our products.

The LPI Difference
Lift Products

Featured Products

BOOST Self-Propelled Pneumatic Lift

Self-propelled single operator elevating work platform powered by compressed air.

Enclosed Blast Booth Lift

Lift for Blasting Applications. Protects operators from the elements and hazards of blast media and blast booth environment.

Vertically Adjustable Catwalk

Vertically Adjustable Catwalk lift for hazardous, wet or blast media environments.

3-Axis Paint Booth Lift

3-Axis industrial lift for prep, paint, wash and fabrication. OSHA/ANS Compliant

4-Axis Mast Lift

Personnel Mast Lift with the ability to lower the operator platform

Dual Mast Work Platform

Detachable masts for flexible work cells and assembly.

Aerospace Paint Booth Man Lift

Paint booth man lift designed for the aerospace industry.

Large Adjustable Work Platform

Adjustable Work Platform For Industrial Applications.
Work platform designed to provide full length access of trailers and rail cars.

  • BOOST Self-Propelled Pneumatic Lift
  • Enclosed Blast Booth Lift
  • Vertically Adjustable Catwalk
  • 3-Axis Paint Booth Lift
  • 4-Axis Mast Lift
  • Dual Mast Work Platform
  • Aerospace Paint Booth Man Lift
  • Large Adjustable Work Platform

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