Service & Support

Our customer service extends beyond when you receive your lift system or work platform. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service for warranties and replacement parts.

Replacement Parts

LPI Lift Systems understands that any downtime in production can lead to a loss in productivity and cost your company time and money. LPI can provide parts and components for you to stock for scheduled maintenance and plant shutdowns. LPI also stocks select parts in situations of unplanned downtime.

Warranty Info

Our continuous improvement in design and development over the past 40-plus years provides robust state-of-the-art products. We warranty our materials and quality for 12 months from the date the order is shipped. Some exclusions apply. Download the complete warranty for details or contact customer service for more information.

Maintenance & Training

When properly maintained, LPI lifts, and work platforms will provide reliable and safe access for workers for many years. Lifts serviced and maintained have proven to keep production efficiencies and productivity high.

LPI offers various services to keep your lifts in top working order. These services include Annual maintenance programs, scheduled multi-point inspections, rebuilding/replacing damaged components, training, installation, and more. To schedule or order these services, call or email us at:

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