Custom Lift Makes Widebody Aircraft Access a Snap

Posted: January 6, 2015

This unit was designed and built for one of our clients to reach the center beam area of widebody aircraft to perform routine maintenance tasks. Prior to their purchase of the lifts, the customer would set up a scaffold system to access the landing gear bay, perform about 20 minutes of work and disassemble the scaffolding. The incorporation of the lift reduced the overall process time from 50 minutes to 25 minutes. The roll out extension of the basket allows the operator to move close to their work, but have the lift far enough away from the landing bay doors to avoid damaging them. The lift is a pneumatic/hydraulic powered unit, which makes it inherently safe in the hangar area. The addition of the hose reel trailer allows them to connect to air supply connections in the floor of the hangar, but also use it throughout the entire hangar.

LPI, Inc. Lift Systems has been providing personnel lifting solutions for finishing, fabricating and maintenance for over 30 years and is looking forward to more challenges in the future. View additional lifts at the company website, or call LPI, Inc. at 800-657-6956 to discuss your application.

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