Lateral Drive Capability Allows Precise, Safe Access

Posted: January 16, 2012

The lateral drive personnel lift improves productivity by providing quick, precise and safe access to large equipment, confined spaces and work areas.
The operator can maneuver into places that standard scissor lifts can't reach.

The standard drive system uses front wheels to drive and steer for minimum turning radius. The optional lateral drive mode, when selected, turns all four wheels 90 degrees, enabling entire unit to drive sideways. Power source is 24V DC with eight six-volt batteries and automatic 50A charger. Operator platform is welded steel construction with 42" guardrails and lanyard tie off points in safety plate floor for operator safety. Lift travels 60 F.P.M. fully lowered, 30 F.P.M. in any raised position in standard drive, and 15 F.P.M. in lateral drive mode. LPI, Inc. Lift Systems can custom design and manufacture scissor lifts, boom lifts, or work platforms to meet the needs of any application. LPI, Inc. Sales and Engineering/CAD staff will analyze the application, looking to satisfy the primary need and address any special concerns that the lift must adapt to. Then, through the use of designed-to-application baskets and platforms, LPI, Inc. will manufacture a lift that fully satisfies the customer's needs.

LPI, Inc. Lift Systems has been providing portable personnel lifting solutions for finishing, fabricating and maintenance for nearly 25+ years and is looking forward to more challenges in the future.
View additional portable lifts at the company website, or call LPI, Inc. at 800-657-6956 to discuss your application.

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