Multi Axis Lift for Welding Applications

Posted: August 31, 2011

LPI, Inc. Ships 3-Axis Lift System for Welding Applications


LPI has been supplying lift systems to a major electrical components manufacturer for many years, and as their business grows, they continue to call upon LPI to provide specialty lifts for their fabrication process area.  The pictured lift was designed for an application that involves positioning a worker to perform heavy welding.  To assist them in their task, LPI has designed the operator platform to accommodate both a welding system -- complete with wire feed spool rack -- and room for them to mount their smoke exhaust system.  Because the welding system requires an electrical source, it was requested that the lift also be powered from a 480 volt supply.

Guided by a rail system, the three directions of platform movement allow the operator to travel left and right along the entire length of the product, adjust the elevation of the operator platform up and down to work on various sized products, and also the ability to adjust the platform in and out from a home position to work on narrow or wide products.  A safety harness attachment point in the platform, in conjunction with special front rail system, allows positioning close enough to the product to inspect welds and remove slag during the welding process.

LPI’s commitment to providing the right product for the application starts with understanding the needs of their customers, and is backed by over 30 years of experience in designing and fabricating lifts for applications from painting and blasting to fabrication and assembly.  Visit our website at and challenge us with your application!

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