NEW 5000lb Portable Material LIft

Posted: August 21, 2015

Eau Claire, WI - August 14, 2015 – LPI, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material and personnel lift’s to ergonomic work platforms announces the immediate availability of our new PML series material lift product.


This series of portable, high capacity, scissors lifts are designed for ergonomic positioning of parts and products that are in the extreme weight category.  With platform deck sized to accommodate pallets (54” x 48”), a 5000# load capacity, which is powered by an electric / hydraulic power unit and based on heavy duty steel casters, this lift provides a flexible solution to high capacity lifting needs.


With the power unit and operator controls elevated on a pedestal the operator can effortlessly adjust the working height of the platform in order to concentrate on the work process, not the strain of lifting.  


Applications are endless-- this unit can be used anywhere material or product needs to be positioned vertically so that the operator can ergonomically work on it.  No more bending over to pick up material or having a second person in a fork truck lift the pallet vertically to handle the product.

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