Maintenance & Inspection Programs

Properly maintained, LPI’s personnel lifts and elevated work platforms will increase the safety and efficiency of your workers for many years. To assist with your maintenance efforts, LPI, Inc. offers both Annual Maintenance Agreements and Inspection by Request. Our skilled technicians can work independently or in conjunction with your maintenance team to keep your industrial lifts running like new. Contact LPI to inspect, evaluate and maintain your lift systems.

Our inspection service follows the criteria of the applicable ANSI standard and covers all of the main operating systems of the lifting equipment.

Complete Annual Maintenance Program

  • Filling of oilers and lubrication of all moving parts
  • Factory specification adjustments
  • Replace or rebuild parts

Inspection by Request

  • Inspect worn or damaged parts
  • Inspect emergency and safety features
  • Inspect structural components

Contact LPI Inc. Customer Service for details

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