Operator Training

Whether your staff is large or small, ensuring that they are properly trained on operating and maintaining industrial lifts ensures their safety and saves you money. Our training technicians are available to train your operators and your maintenance personnel to keep things running smoothly. Our service technicians follow the mandatory training required by ANSI documentation. Additional copies of the Manual of Users Responsibilities and the Equipment Manufacturers Institute manual are available upon request.

Whether it's daily inspection, preventative maintenance, or training the trainer, our technicians can provide you with an efficient training program designed to meet your company's needs.

Operator Training Program

LPI offers a 2 hour on-site training program at your location, all shifts, including Saturdays. All classes include our standard operators training program, testing, workbooks for your specific type of equipment, and hands-on training. An operator’s certificate and training record is issued to each operator after completion of the course.

Included in the class:

  • Review of OSHA regulations
  • Review of ANSI standards
  • Lift fundamentals and features
  • Daily check list
  • Safety rules
  • Operational videos
  • Hands-on operation tests including: on/off procedures, proper operating techniques & safety procedures
  • Operator certificate and training record

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