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2-Axis Personnel & Mast Lift

2-Axis Personnel & Mast Lift



A fixed position 2-axis mast lift uses mechanical drives to raise and extend the operator work platform.  The mast of the 2-axis personnel lift is fixed to the floor and wall of the process area.  The mast of the 2-axis mast lift includes a movable cover which is opened to allow the lift to be raised and when lift is stored the cover can be closed to protect the mechanical components from process area work.  The large operator platform on the 2-axis personnel lift includes an auxiliary lighting system to enhance the illumination of the work surface and includes restraint harness attachment points for the operators.  Platform can be raised vertically and extended our horizontally allowing the operators to position themselves in the most ergonomic position for product access.


  • Operator platform can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally
  • Large platform area to allow for multiple workers
  • Fall restraint harness anchor points in platform
  • Auxiliary lighting to illuminate work area when platform is extended
  • Mast cover to enclose mechanical components when lift is not in use

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