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Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance Lifts

Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance Lifts



LPI, Inc.'s aircraft maintenance lifts are for applications where operators have to physically touch a wing panel to measure and inspect the surface of the panel.  The aircraft inspection lifts run alongside the panel down the entire length and can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally allowing the operator to position the platform in a location that provided the most ergonomic work position.  Onboard auxiliary lighting helps to illuminate the part for close inspection and additional utility connections provided power for inspection equipment and tools.  The aircraft maintenance lifts operator platform is fitted with a contact bumper that can shut down operation of the aircraft inspection lift if it made contact with the part and entry gates were interlocked to prevent inadvertent opening when the platform was elevated or extended.


  • Floor mounted rail system to guide lift along length of product
  • Operator platform can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally
  • Operator platform equipped with task lighting
  • Platform fitted with contact bumpers and entry gate interlocks
  • Control console on front rail of platform providing maximum visibility when repositioning

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