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3-Axis Lift for Abrasive Blast Environments

3-Axis Lift for Abrasive Blast Environments


BL (Standard 3-Axis Blast Lift)

Rugged design and materials make this 3-Axis lift suitable for applications where grit, sand and powder and welding/grinding dust are present in the atmosphere. When used in a blast booth, the operator platform incorporates a hook system to suspend a blast hose using the movement of the lift to move the hose. This takes the strain off the operator because the lift now bears the weight of hose when the lift is repositioned. Sealed mast design is ideal for any environment where powder, grit or dust are present. Operator platforms can be custom configured to accommodate work processes and can include utilities and process equipment mounted on the operator platform. The 3-Axis movement allows the operator to position the platform on ends, along the sides or elevate over a part to provide the best angle for performing their work process.


  • Lift is Rail guided along an upper and lower rail
  • Operator platform can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally
  • Heavy duty construction for use in sand, grit and shot blasting booths as well as powder paint applications
  • Front facing controls allow operator to quickly reposition lift
  • Sealed Mast construction

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