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High Solids Paint Personnel & Man Lifts

High Solids Paint Personnel & Man Lifts



High solids paint personnel lifts are designed for paint applications where excessive amounts of overspray can accumulate on the lift and floors, the high solids man lifts design provide some options that make maintenance and cleaning a bit easier.  The operator platform on the high solids personnel lifts have a control panel on the back wall that is separate from the platform.  This allows for the removal of the platform for cleaning, without having to disconnect any of the controls.  With drive components located in the base of high solids man lifts, periodic maintenance is made easier by using UHMW plastic for a base cover.  Paint does not adhere well to UHWM plastic making it easy to remove overspray from the base cover which can then be removed to do periodic maintenance.


  • Standard 3-Axis lift movement, with lift travel along a fixed rail
  • Operator Platform can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally
  • Removable operator platform for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Open wheel wells for ease of maintenance
  • UHMW plastic base covers to make clean-up and component access easier

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