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Surface Preparation & Finishing Platform Lift

Surface Preparation & Finishing Platform Lift



LPI, Inc.'s surface preparation platform lift is designed for use in applications where personnel need to physically touch a product to weld, grind, sand or paint a part. The surface finishing platform lift design allows the open front platform allows for access to the part. The front railing of the surface preparation platform lift is designed to tip down to a horizontal position, which allows the operator full access to the part.  Process equipment, like welders or paint equipment can be mounted on the platform to maximize the efficiency of the process.  Safety harness restraint connection points are provided in platform for use when the front railing is tipped down. Power and other utilities are routed to platform through a flex track which keeps the contained and organized. Our surface finishing platform lifts can be designed with 1, 2 or 3-axis of movement.


  • Operator platform can be raised and extended out horizontally
  • Front railing of platform tips-downward creating an open front
  • Fall restraint harness attachment points in platform
  • Adjustable position seat on platform
  • Platform can accommodate process equipment and utility connections

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