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3-Axis Lifts with 90 Degree Rotational Platform

3-Axis Lifts with 90 Degree Rotational Platform



Initially designed for prep and painting on locomotives, the rail guided lifts can travel the length of a locomotive on the fixed guide rails. The operator platform can be raised vertically and then rotated 90 degrees. When two lifts are positioned across from each other on the ends of the locomotive and both platforms are rotated 90 degrees, it creates a continuous platform which allows workers to move across the entire front or back of the product. To account for various configurations of locomotives this lift system included removable platform extensions that were bolted on to adjust the platform depth and allow for access *on narrower locomotives. This same design has been used for prepping and painting of rail and transit cars.


  • Lift is capable of 3-axis travel
  • Operator platform rotates out 90 degrees from lift mast
  • Platform houses a control panel that provides lift movement controls, speed adjustment regulators and utility connections
  • Full 3-Axis controls located in the operator platform and on the base mounted control panel

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