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Overhead Telescoping Gantry Man & Personnel Lift

Overhead Telescoping Gantry Man & Personnel Lift



Overhead telescoping gantry man lifts can be designed to fit most applications.  The overhead telescoping gantry personnel lift consists of a bridge that spans a booth or work area.  Attached to the bridge is a operator platform located at the bottom of a telescoping mast that can move side to side on the bridge.  The mast also extends and retracts, allowing the platform on the overhead telescoping gantry personnel lift to be raised and lowered as needed.  The entire bridge can then travel lengthwise along a set of crane type rails.  This series of movements allow the operator to position around the sides and ends of a part in addition to accessing the center areas of product like dump bodies or hoppers.  These overhead telescoping gantry man lifts are suitable for applications in washing, blasting and painting and can be designed with various power units ranging from air to explosion proof electric


  • 3-Axis of movement with travel on a crane type rail system
  • Spanning bridge with operator platform on telescoping mast
  • Lift controls located on platform and on hanging pendant
  • Suitable for wash, paint or blast applications

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