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3-Axis Paint Booth & Man Lift

3-Axis Paint Booth & Man Lift


LP2 (Standard 3-Axis Paint Lift)

3-Axis Paint Booth & Man Lift

LPI, Inc.'s standard 3-axis paint booth lifts are used to replace ladders and scaffolding around parts for many aspects of manufacturing and finishing processes within the paint, powder and prep industry. The operator platform of the 3-axis paint booth man lift can be raised vertically, extended out horizontally, and can travel the length of an area on a fixed guide rail system. Lift controls are located in the operator platform on the front railing and floor, including all travel axes, emergency stop, and emergency down. LPI Lifting Systems, Inc.’s 3-axis paint booth lifts offer an extremely flexible solution for many applications. They can be fitted with various options that custom-fit the lift to the application. Our 3-axis paint booth lift options can include utilities and breathing air plumbed to the platform, custom configuration, and sizes of operator platforms.


Features of Standard 3-Axis Paint Booth & Man Lift

  • 3-axis of movement controlled from the operator platform
  • Standard Y-axis reach up to 14 foot extension out from wall
  • X-axis travel along guide rails
  • Multiple standard options to fit lift to application
  • Raised platform height of up to 22'
  • Retracted dimension: 3’ (minimum)
  • Extended dimension: 8’ or 10’ (per model)
  • Operator platform capacity: 500 lbs
  • Pneumatic/mechanical power unit
  • Standard platform: 48” wide x 21” deep

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