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3-Axis Paint Booth Man Lift - Aerospace Application

3-Axis Paint Booth Man Lift - Aerospace Application



Designed to work around and over fuselage sections for aircraft paint and prep work, the lift can move lengthwise in a paint booth on the fixed guide rails. Operator platform can be raised vertically and extended out horizontally to provide access around the entire part including the top center area. When the powered tip-down front railing is in he horizontal position the front of the platform is open allowing workers to touch the top of the aircraft for sanding, prepping and masking prior to paint. The integrated fall restraint harness attachment points on the back wall of the operator platform are interlocked to the lift operation insuring that workers are properly secured prior to deploying the tip-down front railing. With both a main control console and a pendant type control box, the operators are able control lift movement even when working from the front edge of the platform. Various configurations of the operator platform are available with designs that allow for rotating the front of the platform 30 degrees to work on contour areas of aircraft.


  • 3-Axis movement on fixed guide rails
  • Operator platform has powered tip-down front railing
  • Large (8' x 4') operator platform
  • Extended reach option for greater horizontal extension
  • Centrally located control panel with additional pendant controls
  • Utility connections in platform for water, auxiliary air and breathing air
  • Fall restraint harness attachment points in platform

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