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3-Axis Track Guided Material Handler - Material Fork Lift

3-Axis Track Guided Material Handler - Material Fork Lift


LPI 3-Axis Material Fork Lift

LPI, Inc. 3-axis track-guided material handler is designed to assist with the storage and retrieval of steel material from a rack system. The material fork lift allows the operator to transport picked material to the saw area.  Dedicated retrieval lift eliminates the need to find or dedicate a fork truck to this function.  The 3-axis track-guided material handler lift can travel the length of the rail along a material storage rack system.  The material fork lift can be raise and extended out to reach materials at all elevations on the rack system.


  • 3-Axis movement along a fixed rail system
  • Operator control cage to both protect operator from material and provide access to control system
  • Adjustable control system provides for speed selection when picking materials off of racks
  • Forks mounted on 3-Axis lift allow for easy picking from steel rack

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