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Pit-Mounted Dock & Scissor Lift

Pit-Mounted Dock & Scissor Lift



Large pit-mounted scissor lifts can be fitted to specific booth or enclosure dimensions allowing for movement of personnel both underneath and up along the side of parts that are suspended from an overhead conveyor or monorail system.  When used in a downdraft paint booth the grating floor of the pit-mounted dock allows for proper exhaust air flow and grating sections can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.  For pit-mounted docks that need to travel from a position below grade to an elevation above grade features like beveled toe guards are incorporated into the platform design.  Operator controls on pit-mounted scissor lifts can be located on a tethered pendant control to allow the operator to move the controls with them, or can be a fixed location pedestal control center located on the platform.


  • Grating floor to allow for air flow and access to scissor mechanisms
  • Operator controls can be tethered pendant or pedestal mounted on platform
  • Designs will allow for below grade to above grade travel
  • Remote power units make maintenance easier

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