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Adjustable Height Work Platform - Full Part Surround

Adjustable Height Work Platform - Full Part Surround



Elevating platforms are designed to provide full access around a product during assembly, welding, inspection or repair operations, eliminating the need for ladders and scaffolding. The platform center opening includes sets of drop in plates that allow the operators to adjust the opening size to fit the various products they fabricate. Located on the platform are electrical connections for welders and air for grinding and blow-off in addition to task lighting mounted on the vertical masts. This platform had raised platform height of 20' with the start height being 1' above the shop floor. Parts were secured to tooling that was anchored into the floor and lift provided access up the entire height of the product.


  • Twin mast construction
  • Large operating platform provides space for personnel and tools
  • Center opening has adjustable plates to decrease the diameter for smaller parts
  • 2500# capacity on platform
  • Low Platform entry height
  • Utilities on platform include electrical, air and lighting

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