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Custom Industrial Moving Platform & Lift

Custom Industrial Moving Platform & Lift



Gantry type custom industrial moving platform with vertically adjustable platform sections can be driven along the guide rails allowing the operator access over a large area.  The two vertically adjustable custom industrial moving lifts allow the operator to lower the platform sections down for better access to materials below the platform.  In this application, the custom industrial moving platform spans a steel plate storage pit and the platform allows the operator to access specific steel plates to attach an overhead crane lifting clamp to the top of the steel plate for extraction from the storage pit.  An inclined stair set provides access up to the fixed height portion of the platform.  The vertically adjustable platforms include restraint harness attachment points.   Variations of this design can include utility connections on custom industrial moving platforms for work process.


  • Powered drive base to move platform along guide rails
  • Fixed height main platform with independant, vertically adjustable platform sections
  • Main control panel for driving platform on guide rails with independent controls on vertically lift sections

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