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Custom Scissor Platform & Lift

Custom Scissor Platform & Lift



This unique custom scissor lift was designed for a refrigerated warehousing operation that stored and retrieved pallets of food on high rise, multi lane rack system using an automated picking system. Occasionally pallets or boxes would become wedged causing the retrieval system to get stuck and maintenance was required to access the area to clear the blockage and dislodge the retrieval system. This work could be on either side of an isle, and lighting in the area is limited.  The custom scissor platform has manual roll-outs that allow it to be expanded sideways in the isle and the auxiliary lighting provides illumination for the maintenance technicians.


  • Rechargeable battery bank & charger
  • Operator platform expands widthwise to create longer platform and allow greater access
  • Auxiliary lighting on platform rails helps illuminate work surfaces
  • Friction drive rail guided drive system allows operator to concentrate on work area instead of steering lift.
  • Caster system on lift base allows lift to be easily moved from one rail to another for use in multiple locations.

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