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Enclosed Blast Booth Personnel & Man Lift

Enclosed Blast Booth Personnel & Man Lift


EBL (Standard 3-Axis Enclosed Blast Lift)

Blasting is a tough job and our enclosed blast booth personnel lift makes it a bit easier.  The cab mounted, air assisted blast hose aiming turret captures the blast hose and is used to aim the nozzle versus the operator having to handle and move the hose.  The hose holder on the turret has an adjustable automated oscillating function that sweeps the nozzle side to side.  The hose holder can be configured with either a one or two hose mounting system.  The cabin of the enclosed blast booth man lift includes a cushioned seat for the operator along with a combination of foot and hand controls for moving the platform into position and aiming the blast nozzle.  The enclosed blast booth personnel lift features 3-Axis movement allowing it to travel the along the guide rails, vertically raise the platform and extend out horizontally to reach varying shapes and sizes of parts.


  • 3-Axis movement of lift and platform
  • Fully enclosed operator cabin to isolate the operator from the environment
  • Blast hose aiming system with oscillating function
  • Hand and foot controls for ease of operation
  • Cushioned seat in operator cabin

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