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Long Adjustable Height Work Platform

Long Adjustable Height Work Platform



Designed to provide access and fall protection to workers while building loads on flatbed trailers this platform features a drive base that allows it to be moved back out of the way when trailers are parked and then moved up to the trailer for loading. The leading edge of the platform has a bumper system running full length allowing the platform to be positioned right along the side of the trailer. The 6' deep platform deck has a guard rail system with a full length fall arrest harness rail system and 24" deep dunnage area behind the railing. This allows the operator to bring crating material on the platform as they build their load. Platform also has multiple air connection points for pneumatic nailers and two operator control stations. The base control station allows the operators to choose between one or two person operation for safety.


  • 45'L x 6'W operator platform with 2' wide dunnage area
  • Platform start height matched flatbed trailer and with 12'-8" maximum raise platform height
  • Fall restraint harness rail running full length of platform
  • Drive system moves platform towards and away from trailer for positioning

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