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Manually Positioned Scissor Lift

Manually Positioned Scissor Lift


LSO06212 (LPSMT)

LPI's manually positioned scissor lifts can be used in a multitude of applications that include hazardous locations like paint booths. This lift has an air/hydraulic power unit with air controls, and includes an air powered side tip-down platform which allows the operator to extend out over a part. The cantilevered platform includes side railings and the platform incorporates fall restraint harness attachment points. The lift is easily positioned by means of the T-bar and caster arrangement. When moving the lift, the T-bar is pulled down which raises one end of the platform allowing the lift to be moved similar to a pallet jack. Once in position the T-bar is raised and the lift lowers onto pads that stabilize the lift and allow the platform to be raised. Utility supply connections can be included into the platform eliminating the need for hoses or cords hanging from the platform to the floor.


  • Scissor mechanisms enclosed by accordion bellows to prevent intrusion of people or material
  • T-bar handle to assist with manually positioning the lift
  • Powered tip-down side platform with railings enable operator to easily reach out over a part or product
  • Restraint harness attachment points
  • Auxiliary air connection in operator platform for process tools

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