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Mobile Vehicle Rooftop Service Platforms

Mobile Vehicle Rooftop Service Platforms



Vehicle rooftop access platforms provide a passive fall protection system for access to roof mounted equipment on vans, trucks nd elevated surfaces. Platform support legs can be bolted to floor in fixed location bays, or fitted with locking swivel casters to allow for movement. Adjustable height platforms designs incorporate support legs that can be pinned at different heights. Tip-down filler plates can be added to platform deck, around the equipment opening, to accommodate various width vehicles. Platforms can be configured to position the entry stairs along the side or on the end of the platform. For parts handling, a jib or overhead hoist frame can be added to the platform.


  • Fixed or adjustable height platforms
  • Platform tip-down sections to adjust width of opening
  • Entry stairs can be on ends or side
  • Optional overhead jibs or framework for hoist

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