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Rail Guided Custom Elevating Work Platform

Rail Guided Custom Elevating Work Platform



Elevating work platform on floor rails is designed to move into work area for access to the side of a part and then back out of the way when not in use. The platform has an open front which is contoured to match the shape of the product. Restraint harness anchor points are provided for the operators as well as utility connections for tools. Above the platform is a track mounted, manual chain hoist that is used to pick parts off of a transport cart, load them on the platform and then when platform is in position, the hoist lifts the parts and extends them out in front of the platform for installation on the product.


  • Entire lift is on a rail guided drive base to position the platform next to part, or back away when not in use.
  • Shaped platform conforms to the shape of the part for ergonomic and safer access
  • Platform can be raised and lowered allowing access to all areas of the part
  • Overhead, track guided hoist system is mounted above platform allowing for picking and positioning of parts out in front of platform. deck

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