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Rail Guided Scissor Lift with Side Shift Cantilevered Platform

Rail Guided Scissor Lift with Side Shift Cantilevered Platform



Track guided scissor lift was designed to carry a pallet of material along with workers up and over a process area to pour material into a vessel. The 8' x 16' main platform had an overall capacity of 2500# and was capable of shifting 5' to one side of the lift base. On the main platform was a 3'wide slide-out platform section which allowed the operator to extend out an additional 4' to get over the center of the vessel to pour bags of material into the vessel. Main platform had a lowered start height of 54" and a maximum raised platform height of 15'. Platform had both audible and visual signals when moving. Operator controls were located in the platform on a control console.


  • Rail guided scissor lift
  • 2500# load capacity to lift materials with operator
  • 8' x 16' Operator platform can side shift and cantilever out over product
  • Secondary roll-out section on platform allows operator to extend our an additional 4'
  • Cable reel to deliver power to Electric/hydraulic power unit

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