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Rail Guided Scissor Platform Lift

Rail Guided Scissor Platform Lift


LPST (LSO10619)

Rail Guided Scissor Lift

LPI, Inc.'s standard rail guided and self propelled scissor lift prioritizes workforce safety and efficiency. By using a guide rail, it simplifies worker positioning along a linear path and minimizes the risk of accidents and errors. This approach ensures accuracy and effectiveness in all tasks. Additionally, these lifts can be customized to your needs, integrating into your existing process lines or accommodating various equipment setups. These linear process scissor lifts enhance productivity without causing disruptions. Experience the combined benefits of safety and productivity with our lift and see the positive impact on your operations.


Features of Standard Rail Guided Linear Work Platform

  • Raised platform heights: 4'-5" to 12'
  • Lowered platform height for entry: 14.5"
  • Operator platform capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Standard platform dimensions: 30" x 66"
  • 43.5" high guard rail with self-closing/latching gate
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic power option for hazardous areas
  • Electrical/hydraulic power for non-hazardous areas
  • Optional pendant foot control for raising/lowering the lift
  • Designed in accordance with applicable ANSI requirements

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