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Scissor Lift with Side Shift Operator Platform

Scissor Lift with Side Shift Operator Platform



Custom scissor lift was designed for a work cell where the operator needed to access a product at various elevations and the product tapered inward at the top requiring the platform to shift towards the part for proper access. The lift is anchored to the floor and contained within by an accordion bellows that creates a barrier to keep people and materials from getting under the platform. The operator platform can be raised vertically and at any elevation the platform can be side shifted. The powered side shift moves the platform approximately 24" to one side where it now extends out past the base of the lift and give the operator better access to the part. Operator platform included utility connections for air tools and space for parts


  • Lift base secured to floor
  • Scissor lift to elevate operator platform
  • Operator platform can side shift toward work area
  • Accordion bellows around scissor to prevent both people and material from entering the scissors area

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