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Scissor Lift Work Platform with Custom Platform

Scissor Lift Work Platform with Custom Platform



Adjustable height scissor lift with custom platform incorporates a side railing that can swing down out of the wall allowing long parts to be loaded from the side, onto tooling located in the center of the platform. Platform has an open center area to accommodate product support tooling. Once partpositioned into the tooling, the side guardrail is rotated back into a vertical position. Platform mounted light curtains detect the presence of the part and personnel on the platform and are interfaced with the manufacturing control system to insure the safety of personnel and materials. The platform is controlled and powered by a remote power unit, with operator controls located on both the platform and the remote power unit. The platform ia fitted with utility connections for tools and equipment used during the work process. Safety strobes and audible signals are used to announce any movement of the platform.


  • Custom platform configurations
  • Adjustable height platform
  • Powered, movable side railing
  • Light curtains to detect presence of parts and personnel
  • Platform control panel integration with manufacturing control system
  • Remote power unit

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