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Scissor Lifts - Fixed Position

Scissor Lifts - Fixed Position


LSO04219 (LPSAH)

A pair of long scissors lifts provide access along the sides of a product allowing the workers uninterrupted access along the length of the part. Each lift is pit mounted allowing the platform to be flush with the factory floor when it is in the fully lowered position. Interlocked platform entry gates do not allow for movement of the lift if a gate is open and automatically latch the entry gate when it is raised above the fully lowered position. Operator control stations are located on both ends of the operator platform for convenience. The scissors and base of the lift are enclosed by an accordion bellows to prevent access to the scissors or materials falling into the scissors. The remotely mounted power unit allows for a lower collapsed height for the lift and makes periodic maintenance easier. Remote power unit includes a set of override controls and emergency stop along with power shut-off/lock-out


  • Pit mount design puts platform entry at floor level
  • Long platform allows for access along entire length of product
  • Operator control stations located on both ends of platform
  • Entry/exit gates on both ends of platform
  • Accordion bellows to prevent personnel or debris from entering scissor area
  • Remote power unit for easy maintenance and lower collapsed height

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