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Suspended Rail Guided, Overhead Operator Platform

Suspended Rail Guided, Overhead Operator Platform



Overhead, rail guided, work platform is propelled along a set of overhead guiderails allowing the operator to access the side and top of the product without having to reposition a ladder or scaffold. With the lowest point of the platform above 6', coworkers can work on the lower part of the product while operators in the platform work on the upper portion of the product. Process utilities and vacuum lines can be routed to the platform through a festooning system that runs on the the overhead guiderail, eliminating the trip hazard that would be present if the hoses were dangling from the platform down to the floor.


  • Overhead rail guided platform with rails attached to ceiling
  • Friction drive moves lift along guide rails
  • Platforms can be designed with either fixed or adjustable height platforms
  • Utilities for work process can be routed to platform

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