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Track Guided Scissor Lift for in Maintenance Pit

Track Guided Scissor Lift for in Maintenance Pit


LSO10205 (TK)

Track guided scissors lifts can be used in maintenance pits to service the underside of a transit vehicle or locomotives. The platform can travel the length of the booth and lift the operator up to a height that allows them to work on components under the vehicle without using ladders or straining to reach them. The platform also provides space for them to carry parts up to the work area and utilities like lighting or supply air for pneumatic tools.


  • Travel of lift is guided along track
  • Fixed location controls on platform with optional tether mounted foot control for travel
  • Explosion proof lighting system can be supplied for up lighting under products
  • Utility connections can be provided in platform
  • Supply air and utilities can be routed to lift using hose reels or overhead festooning system

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