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Vertically Adjustable Catwalk

Vertically Adjustable Catwalk


LSO08795 (LPMAH)

Starting from grade level, the platform can be raised to design height along the side of a bus, coach, transit car or any long product providing uninterrupted access along the length. The platform floor can be configured to include slide-out or tip-down sections to close gaps between the front of the platform and the product. This is especially useful when working on top of a product. These platforms can incorporate fall restraint harness attachment points and utilities for work process.

Custom configurations of this product can include end railing sections to enclose the top of a product to create a passive fall protection system. This is useful in areas where an overhead crane is also being used and overhead fall protections systems can't be employed.


  • Dual mast drive system for elevating platform
  • Platforms can be built to length needed to access entire product
  • Platforms can incorporate removable front rails, fall protection attachment points and utilities
  • Platforms can be configured with roll-out or tip-down sections to accommodate various width products.

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