Industry / Product Terminology

Air Motor A motor that is powered by a supply of compressed air instead of electricity or fuel combustion. Normally used in hazardous environments where sparks & flames are not permitted.
A.N.S.I American National Standards Institute - an organization composed of committees whose purpose is to develop equipment safety & operational standards.
Ballscrew Mast A device that converts rotary motion to linear motion with control and accuracy.
Blast Media An abrasive material such as sand or metal grit that is propelled by force to profile a surface.
Boom A cantilever beam which supports the work platform.
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
Clean Room A contaminant free environment
Ergonomic Positioning The movement and positioning of workers in a manner that reduces their exposure to repetitive motion and falls.
Festooning A horizontally conveyed series of hose loops designed to keep the hoses up and out of the work area.
Hazardous Location Any location that contains, or has the potential to contain, an explosive or flammable atmosphere.
Holding Valve Valve that maintains hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to prevent unintended motion in the event of sudden pressure loss.
Hydraulic Fluid, oil or water, that is put under pressure with the use of a pump. The force from this pressure is transferred into movement by a motor or cylinder.
Linear Motion Movement along a straight, fixed path such as a ball screw.

Able to traverse more than one axis in the Cartesian coordinate system.
X-axis - Horizontal movement along the wall.
Z-axis - Vertical movement up the wall.
Y-axis - Horizontal Extension perpendicular to the wall.

Outrigger A device that increases the stability of the aerial platform and that are capable of lifting and leveling the aerial platform.
OSHA Occupational Health & Safety Administration - a government group that establishes & enforces standards to protect & maintain the well-being of workers.
Pantograph leg section The articulated support mechanism characterized by a single central pivot axis, and commonly referred to as the scissor leg assembly.
Personnel Positioning Moving workers to their optimal work height as to reduce strain and injury.
Platform Reach The horizontal distance measured from the center line of rotation to the outer most edge of the product.
Pneumatic Moved or worked by air pressure, adapted for holding or inflated with compressed air
Rotary Motion A clockwise or counterclockwise directional movement or action
Unintended Motion Motion of the aerial platform or platform without activation of any control.
Scissors Lift A raising/lowering device that is supported or stabilized by one or more pantograph leg sections.
SolidWorks 3D Modeling Software that allows for computer aided drafting.
Telescoping Mast
A series of vertical tubes that fit inside of each other which are individually extended to create a mast longer than any one individual tube.

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