Aerospace Paint Booth Man Lift

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Aerospace Paint Booth Man Lift

Paint booth man lift designed for the aerospace industry.

  • 3-Axis pneumatic, rail guided personnel lift
  • Aluminum Platform
  • Primary Platform:  96in. wide x 44 in. deep
  • Platform accomodates 2 operators and equipment
  • Tip-down railing:  Powered raising and lowering.
  • Platform capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Designed for maximum access to fuselage sections during prep and painting operations
  • Tip-down front rail allows for extended reach out to 17’-6” from wall of booth
  • Contact bumper system shuts down movement if triggered
  • 2 Forms of Control: Main platform and pendant
  • Platform height:  Up to 28ft.-3in.  /  Lowered:  41in.
  • Extended reach (from wall):  13ft.-4in. (tip-down raised) & 16ft.-7in. (tip-down lowered)
  • X-Axis (left/right) variable speed: Up to 80 ft./min.
  • Y-Axis (in/out) non-variable speed:  Up to 13 ft./min.
  • Z-Axis (up/down) non variable speed:  Up to 18 ft./min.
  • Z-Axis safety latching system to secure lift platform to mast if loss of screw tension is detected
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