3-Axis Blast Booth Lift

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3-Axis Blast Booth Lift

Blast Lift

  • Pneumatic/hydraulic power unit
  • Lowered platform height of 20in. (standard)
  • Raised platform height:  Up to 20ft. (standard)
  • Retracted depth (from wall): 4ft. (standard)
  • Fully extended reach:  9ft. (standard)
  • Operator platform: 48in. wide x 30" deep, with grating floor
  • Platform Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Operator controls located on front guardrail of operator platform
  • Sealed mast construction
  • Self-closing, self-locking gates on both the right and left hand sides of operator platform
  • Base controls to raise and lower operator platform for maintenance, or in an emergency situation
  • Z-Axis inertial chain brake to detect and arrest uncontrolled descent
  • Safety harness attachment points in operator platform
  • Sealed vertical driveline for use in harsh blast environments
  • X-Axis (left/right) variable speed:  Up to 40 ft./min.
  • Y-Axis (in/out) non-variable speed:  Up to 15 ft./min.
  • Z-Axis (up/down) non-variable speed:  Up to 15 ft./min
  • Emergency stop features
  • Independently operated X,Y,Z axis travel
  • Unoiled air supply connection for tools and equipment
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