Custom Industrial Moving Platform

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Custom Industrial Moving Platform

Moving Catwalk Lift with Dual Independent Platforms

  • Main Fixed Platform Dimensions, 4'-0" wide x 23'-0" long
  • Fixed height of main platform 10’-6” above pit floor
  • (2) 48” x 24” independent platforms capable of descending 36” below main platform
  • Harness attachment points for independent platforms
  • Platform travels along wall on fixed rails and floor mounted guide rail
  • Access to platform deck via an inclined ladder on one end of platform
  • Platform Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Platform travel speed:  40 ft./min.
  • Overall weight:  4,000 lbs. (approximate)
  • Operator controls will include On/Off, Left/Right movement and Emergency Stop button
  • Powered AC motors, 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 15 AMP service delivered by bus bar
  • Self Propelled, rail guided platform travels along length of pit system
  • 25 ft. main platform deck length with 2 independant platforms to lower worker to product level
  • Harness attachment points on platforms
  • Electrical or Pneumatic power drives available
  • Main control panel for platform movement and independant controls for each descending platform
  • Removable Platform Grating for cleaning and maintenance
  • Workers can access tops of plates without exiting the platform
  • One worker can position platform, separate steel plates and attach lifting lug eliminateing the need for two people to do the job
  • Worker security and safety are enhanced by non-slip decking, harness attachment points and access out over the top of product
Technical Details

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