4-Axis Mast Lift

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4-Axis Mast Lift

Personnel Mast Lift with the ability to lower the operator platform

  • 4-Axis Lift:  X,Y,Z plus auxiliary Z-down
  • Pneumatic or electric/hydraulic power units
  • Auxiliary Z-down allows platform to reach over and then down into hard to reach areas
  • X Axis (left/right) travel:  Length of booth
  • Y Axis (in/out) travel (from wall):  3 ft. retracted to 9ft.-7in. fully extended
  • Z Axis (up/down):  25 in. to 22 ft.
  • Z-Down Axis (auxiliary):  6 ft.
  • Raised Platform Height:  Up to 28 ft.
  • Fully Extended Reach:  Up to 13 ft.
  • 24" x 36" Operator Platform 400# capacity
  • Z-Axis (up/down) travel speed:  Up to 15 ft./min.
  • Z-Down (auxiliary axis) travel speed:  10 ft./min.
  • Y-Axis (in/out) travel speed:  Up to 15 ft./min.
  • X-Axis (left/right) variable travel speed:  Up to 40 ft./min.
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